Shame on Iowa

To The Department of Justice:

My son Daniel has been rearrested for a violation of parole.  According to
Daniel, another person in the residential facility made a false accusation
against him.  This did not stop him from being arrested.  People with
Asperger Syndrome are frequently a victim and prone to be bullied.  As
President of a NAMI Affiliate, I and many other people are outraged that Daniel
has not been given effective appropriate treatment and has continued to be
incarcerated.  My son does not belong in jails and prisons.   He

 is no thug.  He is not violent.  I spent thousands of dollars to get
a forensic psychiatrist’s opinion to provide this assurance.   He has
however  been allowed to look for a job despite his Asperger Syndrome
without any assistance.  I had also requested that he be sent to Illinois
and this was denied.  Are you aware that 80% of people with Asperger
Syndrome are unable to get jobs.   Make this 100% with a felony
conviction.  The only thing the government is capable of doing is
punishing my son endlessly for non-violent crimes.   In fact, this
has been going on since March of 2007. At the end of the day, I believe we are
accountable for our actions to a higher being.  Years from now the DOJs
actions on people with Asperger Syndrome will be considered so barbaric and
shameful by everyone.  I have done everything I can to get this message
out as to what  is happening in Iowa.  I will do this as long as I breathe.

I will not bow to injustice, I will not break, I will continue to advocate. 

“If societies are judged by how they treat their most disabled members. Our society

will be judged harshly indeed,” said E. Fuller Torrey M.D., a research psychiatrist and
Treatment Advocacy Founder.  I have contacted various press contacts on
this.  I have no doubt that Judge Reade will send Daniel back to prison
for 2 more years. We will be told that Daniel can control his childlike
behavior and prison will deter future crimes.  It is no wonder why we lead
the world in incarcerations.  We treat our terrorists better.  The
conduct in this case is shameful. 



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