Court Depositions In Iowa City-Daniel S. Jason

I would strongly encourage you to read the court depositions.   I would be more than happy to forward them to you.  There are factual inaccuracies by law enforcement officials, exaggerations of violence, perjury and an ignorance of mental illness and Asperger Syndrome. In addition, what evidence there is does not warrant such a harsh sentence.   I will tell you and others all the specifics at a later date. What is NAMI in Iowa City doing to educate law enforcement officials?  In another case of stalking according to the deposition, somebody just plead guilty to violating orders of contact.  With my son, they are offering him 45 years.  Alternatively they are offering him a ten year plea agreement. This case cries out for treatment and not incarceration.  Every advocate and mental health professional that I have talked to believes that.  The whole world is watching the Criminalization of Asperger Syndrome continue to unfold in Iowa City.

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