Mr. Jason’s disorder is real, serious and not of his choosing. Further his misconduct emanated from that disorder.”

To: Samuel E. Hargadine-Police of Chief Iowa City
To:   Ms. Janet Lyness County Attorney
CC:Governor Branstad
CC:Senator Durbin
From: Joseph M. Jason, NAMI BA President
Regarding: Daniel S. Jason
I am following up on my November 16, 2012 request for a meeting.  Detective  Hartman had sent me an email confirming that there would be a meeting regarding Daniel
S. Jason.  I have prepared binders  that includes information about NAMI(National Alliance on Mental Illness), information about Asperger Syndrome, Doctor reports and various other information. I have been informed that the Elizabeth Birt Center for Autism Law & Advocacy is interested in this situation as well.  Daniel was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome at 16.  He was evaluated in May of 2010 by a highly regarded forensic Psychiatrist by the name of Dr. Mills.  He is  versed in Asperger Syndrome and stated that Daniel is non-violent.  He also stated that”Mr. Jason’s conduct fits  exactly the same kind of misconduct that typifies those with Asperger Syndrome.”   Also the report states that “his criminal conduct was actually caused by his disorder.” “Mr. Jason cannot be legitimately be considered morally responsible for his misconduct; instead it is clearly a sad outgrowth of his psychiatric illness. ”  Dr. Mills also states “I would iterate that Mr. Jason’s disorder is real, serious and not of his choosing.  Further  his misconduct emanated from that disorder.”
 I have various alternatives to incarceration that should be considered.  Daniel has been in jail and prison for most of the time since March of 2007 for non-violent crimes.  Now he is being threatened with criminal changes that threaten  to send him to prison for 45 years for felony stalking and extortion.  As  previously stated,  Daniel had been living with my wife and I for four and a half months and was behaving. He was not in Iowa. If the Iowa City police department contacted me directly for example, we could have put measures in place to stop any contact.   I know he contacted his ex-girlfriend via email when our dog had to be put to sleep from a brain tumor.  It would appear that no contacts were made while he was employed.    I look forward to scheduling an appointment with both of your offices.  Please note that my wife may be attending  if possible and we have to travel from a suburb of Chicago.  Thank you.

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