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  • Elba Stewart PALATINE, IL

    Mental Illness must be treated & Daniel S Jason’s acts do not justify this type of sentence. Let Daniel move to Trinity where he can get the treatment he deserves. As stated in Justin B. Barry-Walsh and Paul E. Mullen in the Journal of Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology, “It behooves us to draw to the court’s attention the obvious: that patients with Asperger’s Syndrome suffer from mental disorder and that their offending and subsequent disposition must be placed in this context.” Six years incarceration is a long time already! Use the space in prison, and cost, for someone who truly should be there. Daniel is not that person.

  • Joseph Jason BUFFALO GROVE, IL
    • 2 months ago

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    We at the National Alliance on Mental Illness believe in treatment instead of incarceration for non-violent offenders.

  • Paul Goldman GLENCOE, IL

    This is an illness that needs to be treated.


    As an attorney specializing in disability law, I became quite interested in this case and traveled to Iowa City to visit Daniel in jail. He is a polite, smart but very troubled young man who is being punished for being mentally I’ll. that seems well beyond any reasonable debate. He quite clearly requires treatment for his illness. His incarceration is in the best interest of no one. It is a waste of public resources which should instead be used for treatment.

  • Daniel Mickey HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL

    Concern for our less fortunate brothers. Hope for change in an archaic system that is too costly, punishes the disabled, and based on ignorance.

  • Casimer Mendrala CHICAGO, IL

    The U.S. is woefully lacking in funding mental health facilities.

  • Pamela Nicholson PHOENIX, AZ

    I’m a criminal defense lawyer who specializes in representing mentally disabled offenders. This is an outrage!

  • Patricia Kelly DECATUR, IL

    Jail is not the right place for any person suffering from mental illness. Sadly there is a lack of funding for the large number of people suffering with this illness. It is a curse to have this god awful illness; it is a double curse to incarcerate someone for it!

  • Douglas Wallace MOUNT PROSPECT, IL

    Mental illness needs to be treated. Incarceration is not treatment.

  • Georgine Berent JACKSONVILLE, IL

    This demonstrates the ignorance of many in our judicial system. Because of recent violent outbreaks, over anxious prosecutors want to lock anyone up instead of seeking and securing treatment. Rome fell, the Berlin wall fell, and with our lost care and compassion for others, the U.S. may fall too.

  • Janine Toman SPRINGFIELD, IL, IL

    “To know better is to do better” – Maya Angelou.

    Hopefully, by now, Iowa/Iowa City/Prosecutors will listen, be educated, and be the voice of reason on this case and future mental health issues. Ironic, isn’t it?… that next week is MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS WEEK! As President of local Springfield, IL Nami Affiliate, I applaud Joseph Jason for reaching out for help in his son’s situation. When one knows better, one does better. Right? Education is the key. Ignorance is driven by fear. Get informed and enlightened and the world will be a better place. God Speed and Prayers to reducing the stigma of Mental Illness!


    This whole case is beyond appalling and inhumane…mental illness is a BRAIN DISORDER, not a choice! We need treatment and compassion, not incarceration.

  • Maryrose Peters DEER PARK, IL

    Daniel Jason has a biologically based illness and should be receiving appropriate medical care, not jail. The crime in this country is that we jail, rather than treat brain disorders. Our largest facilities for those with mental illness are our jails, not hospitals. What a shame on our society.

  • Madelyne Rosenberg IOWA CITY, IA

    This is wrong, and needs to be fixed. I have a brother with Autism and I could never imagine him going through the things that Daniel is is going through for something that is completely out of his control. Protect these people!!

  • Lucille Rosenberg CEDAR RAPIDS, IA

    My brother has a high functioning form of autism.

  • Bonnie McGee ELMWOOD PARK, IL

    We need reform on how the courts handle mental illness.

  • Our own son suffers from mental health illness as well and this cause has a VERY SPECIAL place in our hearts! Knowledge is strength . . . the justice system needs help in being educated on this cause to then in turn make more educated/informed decisions to fight the stigma of this illness. As Clinton has stated in the past, mental health illness is nothing to be ashamed of, but stigma AND bias shame us all!

  • Trowby Brockman BARRINGTON, IL

    Our mentally ill should not be imprisoned. This is a travesty of justice.

  • Melanie Helmick LAKE VILLA, IL

    it is inhumane to send Daniel to prison for non-violent crimes

  • Nancy Harju BUFFALO GROVE, IL

    I have a brother with this condition and due to his significantly delayed social skills, it has been only by the grace of God that he has not been incarcerated. My brother is 59 years old and acts like he is 7. How can these individuals be incarcerated for many years for non-violent behavior when they just “don’t get it”. What is happening to this young man is a travesty.

  • James Hoy INGLESIDE, IL

    Because, I also have child with mental illness.

  • Hugh Brady INVERNESS, IL

    People with illnesses shouldn’t be jailed – they should be treated. If someone had an epileptic seizure and broke some things in a store, you wouldn’t charge him with criminal damage to property would you? So don’t charge Daniel for his minor transgressions either – they are the result of an illness, not of criminal intent.

  • Toni Hoy INGLESIDE, IL

    Individuals with brain disorders have a better chance of recovery than persons with cardiac arrest. We need to give individuals with brain disorders treatment, not incarceration.

  • Joanne Owen MARSHFIELD, MA

    Treating people with organic brain disorders as criminals is not the way to help them or society.

  • Amy Hellman CROOKSTON, MN

    Criminalizing mental illness when there are a lack of resources in our nation is just wrong.

  • Linda VanAuken ALTAMONT, NY

    The criminalization of the mentally ill must stop. Society must stand up for those with brain medical illnesses.

  • Ann Williams SCHAUMBURG, IL

    People with mental illness and cannot control their state of mind and not endangered to the society should be able to stay and monitored by mental health professional in a mental health residential facility. For those that are in endanger should be in a section for mental illness away from the regular criminals. Mental illness need extra monitoring with their medicines, therapy and their safety.

  • Alicia Bierbaum SOUTH BARRINGTON, IL

    We should be giving adequate treatments to the mentally ill, not incarcerate them, to perhaps make them much, much worse off mentally and so forth. This kind of thing Has to stop if we are to better ourselves as a country.

  • Angela Luna ANKENY, IA

    My son also has Asperger Syndrome, and doesn’t understand his peers. He will keep talking to them, after they walk away. He texts people who don’t answer him. Does that constitute harassment? All he wants is friends. People need to understand this. His brain works differently. Understand and help, don’t lock him away

  • Cathy Sherman JOHNS ISLAND, SC

    Asperger Syndrome/Autistic Spectrum Disorder are well known diagnoses; I am shocked that Daniel’s behavior is being characterized as criminal. Mental illness is real, and taxpayer dollars would be best spent treating the illness instead of incarcerating the mentally ill.

  • Jordan Davis TAMPA, FL

    As a mother of a boy with Aspergers, I support you & your son.

  • Brant Dutton VENETA, OR

    Daniel has clearly and obviously been seriously abused by the justice system and deserves to be heard.

  • Teresa Soler VENETA, OR

    Criminalization of people with Autism spectrum disorders sets a dangerous precedent. Please permit Daniel to get the treatment he needs to be a productive part of society, let him go free. Thank you.


    A cure for autism. My nephew is autistic, he is 22 and I understand how you feel.

  • sylvie calvet NEW-YORK, NY

    there is something deeply wrong in U.S ” Justice ” system if this needs to be explained to a County Attorney !

  • Todd Neel CORALVILLE, IA

    Unjust prosecution of those with mental disabilities should not be tolerated in a just society.

  • Maureen Chambers BARTLETT, IL

    Aspergers is a biological disorder of the brain. How does putting someone with a biological brain disorder in prison help anybody. Is this country just going to round up everyone with mental illness and lock them up in prisons where costs are incredibly exorbitant? Or are we going to hospitalize them and give them therapy to help them live properly in this world. Throwing Joseph Jason in prison is despicable. Hospitalize him!

  • Robert Isaac HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL

    Mentally ill do not belong in jails. Addressing the issues is more humane than waiting till it is too late and they are stuck jails! It will most likely be cheaper in the long run that paying for them in jails. Not to mention devistating family lives.

  • lisa miller NORTH HIGHLANDS, CA

    Please sign and share this…The boy needs help, not prison!

  • Theresa Palmer SAC CAL, CA

    My son has ASD and i can’t imagine putting him in jail because his disorder was misinterpret as a criminal act. I worry when he gets older how will i keep protecting him from the uneducated.

  • Donna Webdell TEMECULA, CA

    He has autism and his actions were in no way deserving of prison time. He needs treatment, not to die in prison.

  • Maria Conzemius IOWA CITY, IA

    I have seen too many people who are mentally ill or compromised with a brain disorder, including those caused by brain trauma, who are criminalized by biased police officers and biased prosecutors, and needlessly so.

  • Lisa Kearney WILMETTE, IL

    Our society ( the legal system especially) punishes people with brain disorders. These disorders are not the fault of the person. Would society punish an Alzheimers victim? Daniel needs help not punishment.

  • Cynthia Michel KALONA, IA

    People like Daniel Jason need help NOT persecution. Is it so difficult to use common sense?

  • Debbie Goodwin COLUMBIA, SC

    My granddaughter that is 2 1/2 is autistic and severe ADHD, hopefully people will understand now and not later that this child needs help!

  • maryann rasmussen IOWA CITY, IA

    Because the Johnson County Prosecutors are totally out of control.

  • Sarah Rainey CHESTER, VA

    My son is aspergers and was already persecuted by an overzealous school system, who wanted to introduce him to the “real world” and had him charged with “assault and battery”.These individuals have a neurological disorder, they did not choose to be born this way ….maybe if the DA instead of pushing for punishment decided to read more about autism/aspergers he would learn a lot and understand these individuals more, he would actually becomore more humane himself!

  • Sally Hartman IOWA CITY, IA

    As a school psychologist I am familiar with autism and have read extensively about it. Alternatives to incarceration for those with Autism need to be available because prison is inappropriate.

  • Tim Weitzel IOWA CITY, IA

    People with mental illness should be diverted from incarceration and placed into treatment programs.

  • Holyn York SOLON, IA

    WAKE UP, there are no holes in this paper. Let the man go

  • Ashea Sparrow MINNEAPOLIS, MN

    This is important to me because every person deserves a fair chance at treatment and recovery.

  • Carol deProsse LONE TREE, IA

    Because we as a people must recognize that when people have mental illnesses it does no good to lock them up in jail. If they cause physical harm to others they do need to be kept separate from the general population, but not in jail. This boy (man?) needs mental health treatment, not incarceration.

  • Katherine Stratton CUYAHOGA FALLS,, OH

    Praying for wisdom and mercy for Daniel.

  • Garry Klein IOWA CITY, IA

    Mentally ill people are not served by being incarcerated. The best thing for this young man is to be in a facility for treatment.

  • Sean Elliot BURLINGTON, IA

    Once the Johnson County Attorney’s office fixates themselves on someone, they will lie and do whatever it takes to destroy people’s lives.

  • Latisha McDaniel DALLAS, TX

    When I left Texas, I thought I had left a state that incarcerates their mentally ill.

  • Donald Baxter IOWA CITY, IA

    Janet Lyness and the Johnson County Prosecutors office are locally famous for the overprosecuting of cases, many of which should never even see the light of day. Perhaps we need to rely more on Grand Juries to make the determination about who gets prosecuted here. I hope there are more local signers and I wish you and your family the best of luck here.

  • Mental illness should be an overriding mitigator of non-violent illegal acts. Our civilization did not intend for people with mental disorders to be tried and incarcerated with common criminals. We hold ourselves out to be a kinder society. We treat people with mental illnesses through mental health facilities. This is outrageous and an abuse of the system.

  • Carrie Stalker SAN FRANCISCO, CA

    I believe that due to his illness he is more like a child than a criminal. He needs mental treatment not jail time.

  • Louise Hilbert DURHAM, NC

    I have a family member who suffers from mental illness.

  • Lynn Ostrowski VERNON HILLS, IL

    I work with individuals with mental illness and development delays and they need support and therapy in order to be productive in society. Prison is not the place for individuals with Autism because they struggle with understanding the repercussions for their behaviors and they also struggle with having control over their behaviors as well. Individuals with Autism need a supportive environment, not a punitive facility,


    It’s time for true justice in the US

  • Lynette Kreuser GREEN BAY, WI

    This man needs help BUT will not find it nor get it in prison. He is not a criminal….This man doesn’t deserve this harsh sentence. Please allow him to go to Ill facility..there he will get the treatment he needs. Thank you for your time.

  • Teresa Laureano LACROSSE, FL

    I have a son with Aspergers and a son with Autism

  • Brenda Wideman CROPWELL, AL

    Because this same thing happened to my son. It’s wrong!!!

  • Elizabeth Grieco SAYLORSBURG, PA

    Mercy and medical treatment should be shown to mentally ill people, like Daniel S. Jason, not incarceration! This is criminal behavior by our “Judicial System” all across America. American’s refuse to be like a communist country! E.Grieco, humanitarian activist.

  • Shelly Langley LAGRANGE, GA

    My son has Autism

  • celina boulanger MIDLOTHIAN, VA

    as a parent I feel more need to be eduated about aspergers and autism and what it means and entails

  • Because my young son has autism and to criminalize psychiatric conditions versus treating them sends us back to the dark ages of psychiatry. This is not One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest and this kid does not belong in jail. Iowa needs to develop some common sense!


    Daniel S. Jason is not a criminal.

  • Janet Bates RIVERSIDE, CA

    A sad waste of time and money for everyone involved.


    I think this is terrible and the prosecutors have it wrong. People with autism/aspergers see the world different and their brains work different to a “normal” person and should be dealt with according to their way of thinking.

  • Shayna Gier KANSAS CITY, MO

    As someone with Autism, I don’t always make the best decisions socially. Being put in prison for 55 years is something that should be reserved for murderers and child molesters, not socially inappropriate behavior. And offering 10 years is not ok either. Save criminal charges, for real criminals.


    This issue is important because we should strive to understand the frustration of the sensory sensitivities of autistic people and their unintended consequences. Instead, society urgently needs to focus on the acknowledged, all-pervading, PATHOLOGICAL influences of psychopaths, sociopaths/narcissists AND KNOW THE DIFFERENCE.

  • Christine Kiefer CRAWFORDSVILLE, IN

    Prosecuting the mentally ill must be put an end, and it is truly shocking how long this has been accepted in the United States Justice system. I feel that there should be a push to enact a law that protects the mentally ill from incarcerations that have been caused by their illness. It is also important to note that confinement in a jail or prison setting is harmful to the mental health of the mentally ill, as well as others. The conditions are not in harmony with healing and progress for the person incarcerated. It is also an extremely ridiculous and irrational waste of tax dollars and resources. I would also question the credentials of the prosecutor and the motive for attempting to impose irrational (cruel and unusual punishment to your son; which is unconstitutional.) It seems that there may be a bias for the prosecution. Perhaps a change of venue would be more appropriate. Anyone that irrational to overzealously try to lock up a disabled person, should be barred from working in the legal system, as it appears there decisions aren’t based on law. My son is 18 and mentally ill sitting in jail now, but should be in treatment also.

  • Wendy Brudnicki DEERFIELD, IL

    A tragedy! This mental illness should be treated instead of incarceration. How tragic and unfair. Punishing someone for a disability instead of treating the disability is like scolding a person who cannot walk because he lost a limb. This young man has a disability. Please help him, don’t punish him.

  • bertha hixon FAIRCHANCE, PA

    Daniel really needs treatment for asperger syndrome. He was getting treatment when he was in school for this problem. By having him lock up is not helping the problem.

  • Jamy Kilmnick DES PLAINES, IL



    I am concerned about this travesty of justice. I will pray for him.

  • Ron Bryan SEATTLE, WA

    Over Sentencing is wrong.

  • Joan Bozarth PAXTON, IL

    Because for years Il has always seem to try to get people with mental Illness off the streets. They have taken away so many programs. My son has a mental Illness and because there is no place in this State of IL, that would take him for his drug treatment because of his mental issues and because he is on dialysis. They thought that prison is the place. Trust me I believe they want to keep the drug dealers on the streets. Some towns I believe get some kick back from them. I know where I live it is true.

  • Teena Austin SCOTTSDALE, AZ

    People who have a disability that affects behavior should receive treatment, not punishment.

  • Max Parkinson ROLLING MEADOWS, IL

    We as a nation must provide health cared for our citizens suffering with a mental disorder, not jail.

  • Jackie Robinson WEST DES MOINES, IA

    The same thing happened to my son! In Iowa! When he was 17 years old!

  • Joseph Jason BUFFALO GROVE, IL
    • about 1 month ago

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    He is my son and we love him.

  • Sue Reinke BOLINGBROOK, IL

    Daniel needs help not prison.

  • nancuy Sreenan EVANSTON, IL

    Because it’s inappropriate for the offense and it criminalizes a disorder.

  • Leah Cutler INDIANAPOLIS, IN

    None violent criminals do not belong in a jail cell, in my opinion.

  • Phyllis Jashunsky CHICAGO, IL

    This is cruel and unusual punishment.

  • Sally Shelley EVANSTON, IL

    I also have a son with a mental disorder who ended up in and is still suffering the effects of the clutches of the criminal “justice” system. Incarceration for people with mental disabilities is not the answer. The money spent punishing disabled people should be spent on their healing and rehabilitation.

  • Bonnie Tamillo CHICAGO, IL

    It is wrong.

  • Venus GIntowt PALATINE, IL

    I have a dear friend who has Aspeger’s syndrome. He is caring, intelligent, and educated. His ability to handle social situations has increased greatly since he has had proper diagnosis, therapy and a nurturing living environment. He has graduated with a degree in chemical engineering and is a productive citizen. Dan Jason needs to be allowed to have the right living conditions to foster his productive growth, as does any citizen of the U.S. with disabilities. It is the law of our land!

  • Cynthia Garratt WELLESLEY, MA

    We need to stop criminalizing mental illness and reinstate the treatment of these disorders eliminated first by the Reagan Administration.

  • kerry Tomb CHICAGO, IL


  • Brian Carter WINDSOR HEIGHTS, IA

    As a pastor, I have worked with many people with non-violent mental illness. Their illness causes them to act inappropriately, but they need treatment–not jail. Some have been jailed and it doesn’t really affect them at all–because they are not morally bad or criminal–they are ill.


    Having our own son with Asperger Syndrome we empathize completely with Daniel’s plight. It’s outrageous that this inhumane insensitivity is so prevalent in this society.

  • Sue Meyers JOLIET, IL

    As a NAMI board member and a family member of someone suffering from mental illness, this is an absolute travesty. My prayers are that this case is resolved fairly for Daniel.

  • Diana Cardona WILLIAMSPORT, PA

    This is not fair criminals get a chance to do drug programs but someone with asd gets sentenced and doesn’t have a choice or chance to do a programs its unfair

  • Lloyd Gerber WHEELING, IL

    This illness demands treatment not incarceration.

  • Barbara Hamilton ARLINGTON HTS, IL

    This is terribly unjust.

  • nies tabuni INDONESIA

    karena saya,ingin tauh dan bagaimana saya bisa melihat kriminal yang terjadi dan saya juga bisa mengadat berita kriminal melaluai link ini munkin

  • Helen Nielsen JOHNSTON, IA

    I am very aware of our societal problems and unfair treatment in the courts of mentally ill people. These problems must be addressed and dealt with more fairly.

  • William Lasley PALATINE, IL

    I understand

  • Jeff Bryant FT. WORTH, TX

    my son has AS


    Prison is no place for the mentally ill. Much less a place for those with Asperberger’s. Prosecution is would only be a sick response to a non-criminal problem.

  • Jim Gammell WEST DES MOINES, IA

    I have a stepson who has been in the past placed in jail when a hospital would have been more appropriate…the result of the jail stay have been long-lasting to his mental health.

  • Christina Gammell WEST DES MOINES, IA

    I belong to Nami Greater Des Moines and understand mental illness. This young man should not be in jail. It is unjust due to his mental condition.

  • Stanley Rothbardt GLENVIEW, IL

    Joe and I worked together in the Internal Revenue Service over many years. I am thankful for his deep involvement in NAMI.

  • John Schladweiler WILLMETTE, IL

    Treatment not incarceration is appropriate in a civilized society.

  • Fay Anderson PARK RIDGE, IL

    Daniel needs treatment and care, not prison.

  • Diane Zell CAMARGO, IL

    No one should be jailed because of something done that is a result of a mental illness.

  • Debra Franklin DES MOINES, IA

    My son has asperbers

  • Kay Kopatich URBANDALE, IA


    Mentally ill people do not receive the health care they need in our communities because our mental health care system is broken. Prison has become our de facto mental institutions. Prisons are made for mental health care and it is outrageous that the most vulnerable amongst us are treated this way!

  • Barbara Gerber WHEELING, IL

    He is not a criminal. He needs help.Incarcerating is not going to help him.

  • Alex Shenderman REHOVOT, ISRAEL

    im supporting this idea

  • Terri Shipman DES MOINES, IA

    I am a person with lived experience of a mental illness, the criminalization of people with mental health issues continues to happen in Iowa… The prisons are FILLED with people who need treatment not incarceration!!!

  • Mary Ann Ogilvie SCHAUMBURG, IL

    It is not a crime to have a disease – heart disease, cancer or a brain disease/disorder. Any

    It is not a crime to have a disease- cardiac, cancer or brain disease. A verdict other than proper medical treatment would be a disgrace to Iowa and an affront to human dignity. Thank you.

    medical treatment

  • Thomas Offal STATE COLLEGD, PA

    Mr. Jason repeatedly violated his parole, within hours of release. Mr. Jason violated his parole while living with his parents in Illinois, demonstrating that they are unable to adequately supervise their son.

    Mr. Jason has repeatedly stalked and harrassed his ex-girlfriend and deserves to remain in jail.

    Mr. Jason’s daddy clearly feels that the ex-girlfriend should have to live the rest of her life getting hundreds, if not thousands, of profane, threatening and vile emails from Mr. Jason. That these actions are “childish” and thus should be overlooked vs illegal, criminal and detrimental to the quality of the ex-gf’s life!

  • Thomas Offal STATE COLLEGD, PA

    Mr. Jason deserves to rot in jail — he repeatedly violated his probation, usually within hours of release, in order to threaten and harrass his ex-GF. He violated his probation while living at home with his daddy — who is clearly unable to supervise him properly. Mr. Jason violated the law, stalked and harrassed his ex-GF and has since “graduated” to assault and threatening federal officials!

  • Rosemary Morici ALGONQUIN, IL

    My grandson has autism and I am aware that his behavior is difficult for him to control.

  • Mrs. Vi Orr GLENVIEW, IL

    People with brain disorders needs proper mental health care/treatment not iincarceration.

  • Jack Jashunsky CHICAGO, IL

    We support the Jason family in ending this injustice.

  • Stephanie Pestrak BARRINGTON, IL

    I believe in civil rights and appropriate care, not punishment for the mentally ill.

  • Janis Oaks SPFLD, IL

    I am a retired educator who had a student with Asperger’s and he too was a nuisance and child like and still is. He comes by to see me a couple times a year.

  • Elizabeth Redman CASEY, IL

    Because prison is hell they will not treat him & he will get worse.

  • Jaclyn Carney ATLANTA, GA

    I have worked with children with special needs, including autism, for years. I have seen the changes and behavioral improvements of these individuals with the proper treatment. They deserve a chance to improve their quality of life.

  • Jean Morrow ROCKFORD, IL

    My son has been in the past been treated like a common criminal even thought his illness caused his crime.

  • Barbara Sims SCHAUMBURG, IL

    I think it’s unfair the way the states treat mentally ill people. More awareness is needed.


    Because my son has high functioning Autism. And because what is happening is just not right. There needs to be training for people within the judicial system on how to deal with people with disabilities. What is going on in this case is purely a witch hunt by these prosecutors. I can not stand by and just let this happen. Thank you, Renee Klaus

  • Clark Owen MARSHFIELD, MA

    Because you don’t treat mental illness in jail.

  • phyllis clay DES MOINES, IA

    help is always welcome

  • Elizabeth Michael STATESVILLE, NC

    Lives are important, all lives.

  • bill meade HANOVER PARK, IL

    Justice must be tempered by mercy. Capacity must be considered in sentencing. Incarcerating people because they are ill is a waste of money and humanity.

  • Scott Sarott BUFFALO GROVE, IL

    Daniel and people like him should be helped not jailed. This is horrible of any state or our federal government for this treatment.

  • Robin Steele MURFREESBORO, TN

    My son has Asperger disorder and heaven forbid he become incarcerated because of his disability!

  • Monica Hudson SPRINGFIELD, IL

    Using prisons as treatment facilities for mental illness must stop.

  • Sam Havens FREEPORT, IL

    A the President of NAMI Stephenson County, I understand mental illness and what a person goes through, including the family. With my own son getting out of prison two years ago, having schizo affective disorder, the prison did nothing for him.

  • Sylvia Vanderbilt MONTGOMERY, TX

    A physical illness that creates mental illness should be treated as a physical problem and not a criminal problem. Hospitalization and treatment not punishment for a physical and mental illness that the individual did nothing to deserve.

  • Robin Garvey ROCKFORD, IL

    Our country needs to stop incarcerating people with biological brain disorders, including autism and mental illnesses, and get them into treatment.

  • Shelly meier MUSCATINE, IA

    My son has autism. People on the autism spectrum are often misunderstood and we as a society need to start understanding them because there is a huge wave of children with autism who are becoming adults and they absolutely do not belong in prison, they usually eyed medical help!

  • Rita Koscielniak BUFFALO GROVE, IL

    criminalization is unjust

  • William Bott MACKINAW, IL


  • Harriet Reifer SKOKIE, IL

    More govt. funds needs to be spent treating the mentally ill. Jailing the mentally ill is not the solution.

  • Katie Petray SLEEPY HOLLOW, IL

    People with mental illness deserve treatment – not punishment.

  • John Fallon WAUKEGAN, IL

    People with mental health difficulties need treatment- not jail or prison.

  • Cindy Dircks CEDAR RAPIDS, IA

    since when did having aspergers become illegal?


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