I Accuse

I Accuse Johnson County Prosecutors

Unscathed by vile slander, you believe you have won the hearts of all in Iowa City.   My petition and worldwide supporters contradicts your beliefs.  As they have dared in the trial of my son Daniel, so shall I dare. Dare to tell the truth, as I have pledged to tell it, in full, since the normal channels of justice have failed to do so. My duty is to speak out; I do not wish to be an accomplice in this travesty. My nights would otherwise be haunted by the spectre of the innocent man with Asperger Syndrome, far away, suffering the most horrible of tortures for a crime he did not commit.  You have accused him of extortion based on two voice messages.  You have accused him of habitual crimes.  You have criminalized Asperger Syndrome by trying to incarcerate him for 55 years for non-violent acts.

And it is to you, that I shall proclaim this truth, with all the force born of the revulsion of an honest man. Knowing your integrity American citizens, I am convinced that you do not know the truth. But to whom if not to you, American people shall I reveal the vile baseness of the real guilty parties?


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