Perjury In the Trial in 2008 was ignored by the Johnson County Attorney by President NAMI BA

Cynthia Courter   perjured herself in the following instances:
1) She testified that in September she did not give Daniel a ride home in September of 2006.  She sent an e-mail the next day to the prosecutor and admitted that she did.

2) Cynthia in the matter of the September 14, 2006 false imprisonment charge stated that she was hurt during the incident.  The police report states that the victim wasn’t injured by the act.  Daniel was accused of conduct insulting or offensive.  This was holding her hand.  Daniel brought her sandwiches from Subway and she ate them with him. 


3)She stated that she did not stay in a hotel with Dan in February of 2006.  This was the Econo Lodge.
4) She stated that she did not have a second pregnancy.  Daniel has a photographic memory and has names for the babies and specific symptoms that Cynthia had during the second pregnancy.  Cynthia’s sister was fully aware of the second pregnancy. 

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