The Real Story-Daniel is not violent

Daniel is not violent.  He did not go to Iowa.  Here is the media blitz that will show the truth so help me g-d.  The prosecutors and the police force and the threat assessment team will be judged by a higher power.  They do not understand Asperger Syndrome, but hold themselves to be experts.  


Email from Daniel Jason to Thomas R. Baker dated September 20, 2006
“Cynthia Courter has a history of violence against me at one point she threw a picture frame at me and gave me a bloody nose in a fit of rage in my burge dorm room. Cynthia is far from an innocent victim.  I had done nothing on September 14th 2006 but get dinner for
an ex girlfriend and at it peacefully at the riverbank.  It was my statement of wanting to extend it to 8 o’clock that freaked her out and ultimately had her call her mom.  The only way to keep someone against their will at the IMU riverbank is to pin them down on the ground and not let them leave, 40 people were outside that day, I never pinned Cynthia on the ground.”
 My comment is that there was no violence in this incident.  The charges of false imprisonment were changed to a misdemeanor.  No phone was broken.  Nobody was hurt.  The police officers did not even decide what to do for over a half hour.  No witnesses in the police report. 



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