Janet Lyness and Thinking Outside the Box

Janet Lyness can think outside the box when she wants to. If you have Asperger Syndrome and mental illness, she has devised a way to charge a person with extortion that jeopardizes the freedom of every American living in the United States. For example, if I say to you if you don’t call me,,I will reveal embarrassing information about you, that gets you a felony conviction. If the offender needs mental health treatment and keeps committing non-violent crimes, she has thought of a way to triple a sentence, by making this person a habitual offender. The best of all is that even if you are not in Iowa when you commit offenses, she will extradite you and try to give you 55 years.

Well, the good news is that she claims she wants to help the mentally ill in her next term. I say that a message should be sent by voting for John Zimmerman. Say no to having an Iowa gulag in Johnson County.Image


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