National Alliance on Mental Illness Rallies Behind Daniel S. Jason

Dear Nancy & Joe,


Just so you know how people feel re Daniel and his ridiculous case, Nikki made an impassioned plea at the Task Force meeting today for the attendees to write letters to the judge, even bringing copies of the judge’s name/address for all. Nikki’s main point is that this will become a “standard” verdict which could effect all future M.H. cases. Having worked for a bank of lawyers for many years, she spoke in legal terms.

 I “requested” that this letter-writing campaign be extended to each and all NAMI affiliates, to which Hugh acknowledged with a nod and wrote it on his notes.


I asked Judy G if she would circulate this campaign in CCNS, to which she said she would ask Faye (CCNS office) to send an email to their members. I hope that the judge is deluged with postal bags full of mail.




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