Iowa City Is Sitting In Darkness

As my son will get the rest of his convictions today for having Asperger Syndrome, I suggest that you insist that all trials now be televised. If there was a video tape of my son’s trial, things would change. For those of you 
who claim you have inside information, let me reiterate that Daniel never left the state of Illinois. He never talked to his ex-girlfriend. He never threatened her. However he has been charged and convicted for items that make up 55 years. The State of Iowa will go down in history now and trust me that will not be a good thing for your current prosecutor or your police department due to the adverse publicity you will receive. The Autism One conference in Chicago is going on now and they know all about this. You may think that Iowa has the sun shining this weekend, but make no mistake about it, your city is flooding and you sit in darkness before the world and a higher power.


One thought on “Iowa City Is Sitting In Darkness

  1. Americans, wake-up. Tyrants with state authority have hijacked our due process! Can injustice be meted out despite rule of law? Please tell me “no!” Please tell me injustice – malicious injustice, particularly — shall be redressed in my country. Please tell me we have not become so apathetic as to not challenge abusers of our human rights. With Daniel they (Prosecutor and Judge) have breached beyond the boundaries of “civil” rights — but of HUMAN RIGHTS!

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