45 years for not even seeing a “victim”-Judge Miller of Iowa makes a name in history

The Judge, the Prosecutor and the Police chief just don’t care about mental illness and they don’t care about Asperger Syndrome. For a judge to give my son consecutive sentences instead of concurrent is no different than a a NAZI during WWII just following orders. The same for the prosecutor and the police chief. If it were in my power, I would put Judge Miller, Prosecutors Janet Lyness, Beth Beglin and Police Chief Hargadine in prison for a year to learn about the difference between non-violent offenders and real criminals. This is the only way they could get an education about organic brain disorders.They totally ignored an expert in the field Doctor Mark Mills and his assessment. They expect a person with Asperger Syndrome to show remorse. They think you can control your behavior when you have an organic brain disorder. As g-d is my witness and as long as I breathe, the tale of the story of Daniel S. Jason in Johnson county, Iowa will be told. I swear on the graves of my beloved departed parents. I will continue to advocate against mass incarceration. I will continue to advocate for treatment instead of incarceration. There is fire in my belly and I will channel it in a constructive way. I have purpose in my life. I have already met with Congressman Brad Schneider and more will follow.

To the so called victim-A higher power will also hold you accountable for creating the state that my son is in with your replacement babies. I know the truth.  





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