This is not my America by Joseph M. Jason-Chairman Criminal Justice Action Committee, President NAMI BA, CURE ILLINOIS Board Member.

36f469b2bce089e8e8ee92ff50ab506bThis is not my America by Joseph M. Jason-Chairman Criminal Justice Action Committee, President NAMI BA, CURE ILLINOIS Board Member.

Daniel S. Jason got sentenced by Judge Paul Miller to 45 years in prison for having Asperger Syndrome.  The amazing thing is that he did not even step into Iowa.  All of his communications were from Illinois.  He ended up having a bench trial because otherwise he was going to have to wear a shock belt which can knock you unconscious and cause you to defecate.  Daniel has not been violent, but like many other people with Asperger Syndrome, he is a nuisance.  His ex-girlfriend is embarrassed she had a relationship with him.  Daniel does not think he did do anything wrong.  The Judge gave him an exceptionally hard sentence because he did know show remorse like most people with Autism. 

“This message is for Cynthia Courter.  My name is Fred Thomas.  I’ve been sending you emails (to an account that you do not use anymore) and would like you to respond back to me.  If you can’t respond back to me I really hope that I don’t have to send your office some really, I don’t know embarrassing information perhaps.  So if you can just write back to me and answer my questions that I’ve asked for you I’d really appreciate it.  Bye.”

“Yeah Cynthia Courter, you need to text message me or us email me or seething cause I’m really getting angry and I’m going to tell your employer all your dirty information, all your secrets and if you think you’re going to be really embarrassed you should respond back to me.  Bye.”

Where is NAMI?  Where is the Autism Society of America?  Where are the citizens of Iowa? 

Iowa has adopted a system that was started in NAZI Germany.  Wartime, Adolf Hitler suggested, “was the best time for the elimination of the incurably ill.” Many Germans did not want to be reminded of individuals who did not measure up to their concept of a “master race.” The physically and mentally handicapped were viewed as “useless” to society, a threat to Aryan genetic purity, and, ultimately, unworthy of life. At the beginning of World War II, individuals who were mentally retarded, physically handicapped, or mentally ill were targeted for murder in what the Nazis called the “T-4,” or “euthanasia,” program.

Iowa knows that people with Asperger Syndrome are prone to be bullied so giving Daniel a life sentence is equivalent to killing him.  I told Janet Lyness that in a meeting that she might as well shoot Daniel in the back alley with her proposed charges. 

I accuse prosecutor Janet Lyness, Judge Paul Miller and Police Chief Sam Hargadine for crimes against humanity.  They deserve a just sentence in the Iowa Department of Corrections. 

Do you want to know more?

I recently appears on a cable station on a show called Cooper’s Corner.  The link will be provided at a later date for additional information.

Read the petition also.


2 thoughts on “This is not my America by Joseph M. Jason-Chairman Criminal Justice Action Committee, President NAMI BA, CURE ILLINOIS Board Member.

  1. Mr. Jason, I watched your interview on Cooper’s Corner. I have been following this story since it 1st appeared in the Daily Herald. It sickens me that this could have been my story. I have AS and once reacted badly to an altercation with another person. I have been sharing your story & praying. I did send you an e-mail. If there is anything I can do in the way of writing or e-mailing to advocate for your son, please let me know. You are welcome to use any content from my WordPress blog, if it helps your son’s case. It’s all too easy to blame a person for knowing the difference between right & wrong, forgetting the lack of proper brain functioning as well as lack of treatment(s) that could have prevented the individual from committing the crime in the 1st place. I am so surprised at the lack of attention this is getting on Google+. I have not even seen anything on the news. We now have a “tsunami” of young adults with autism. I think we live in a time where technology is used for entertainment, escapism. I think there is so much awareness, but very little empathy. I hope & pray that this nightmare will end..for your family… & for your son.

    • Thank you for your hope thoughts and prayers. If you have any ideas in getting more publicity, I would be happy to hear them. Thank you also for keeping a blog and everything that you do. I wish people with autism had much more in resources,

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