Joseph M. Jason Calls For Arrests in Iowa City

In my world of justice, the following would be arrested by the Department of Justice for the following crimes:

Judge Paul Miller-Cruel and unusual punishment in sentencing non-violent offender Daniel S. Jason to 45 years for two voice mails and 16 emails. He thinks Asperger Syndrome is mild and a defendant should show remorse.

Janet Lyness-Johnson County Prosecutor-Overzealous prosecution of person with Asperger Syndrome and prosecutorial negligence.

Chief of Police-Sam Hargadine-Overzealous charging and no interest in learning about Asperger Syndrome.

Prosecutor Beth Beglin-Overzealous prosecution of people with Asperger Syndrome and mental illness.

Various members of the Iowa City police force for holding themselves out as experts on stalking when the opposite was true.

While the rest of the country is trying to reduce their prison population, Iowa City is doing the opposite and imposing incarceration instead of treatment.


One thought on “Joseph M. Jason Calls For Arrests in Iowa City

  1. If EVER the offiice of the U.S. Attorney General needed to step-up and step-in to investigate the injustice of our Criminal Justice system….the case against Daniel Jason should have been it. Apparently the civil rights of Americans with a mental illness is of little or no consequence to our black Attorney General and black president. Perhaps if Daniel were black there would be high drama in our streets. BUT THERE ARE many “Daniels” untreated, mistreated and unjustly treated by our legal system…and their numbers far outweigh the black/white issues the media chooses to highlight. THIS CASE, Daniel Jason’s case, SHOULD HAVE BEEN A LANDMARK CASE FOR NATIONAL NAMI TO HIGHLIGHT. Mental illness transcends black and white issues, rich versus poor populations…and SHAMEFULLY only 15% of our nation’s police and sheriffs’ departments have even received Crisis Intervention Training (“CIT”)…a solution to a major problem that could be resolved by a mere memorandum from the U.S. Attorney General to ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES. Easy. But, apparently, without riots, looting and businesses burning, justice in our Criminal Justice System is random and all too often malevolent.

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