And the so called victim made a person with Autism think that she was having 4 children and named them

This is dedicated to you people who have badgering me about the so called  victim, Cynthia Courter.  .  What about her lies of naming babies and having a second pregnancy.  You won’t find this in the court records. You won’t find this in the court record as the prosecutors hid it. However as g-d is my witness, a higher power knows the truth and the post traumatic stress it caused to Daniel.  Ask yourself why she has a dormant account and only looks for Daniel emails.  She knows Daniel will never hurt her, but she is embarrassed about having a relationship with a person with Asperger Syndrome.
Page 5-The State of Iowa and Cynthia Courter never acknowledge the fact that Cynthia Courter became pregnant again. In fact she committed perjury on this subject.  Cynthia in fact drove Daniel to his apartment on 09/14/2006.  See the timeline.
02/2005 through 12/2005 Daniel and Cynthia have a relationship which includes having an abortion and then replacement babies. The replacement babies supposedly all die per Cynthia because of chemicals used from abortion.  The first abortion was in April 18, 2005.  She lost the second pregnancy in October of 2005.
Cynthia tells Daniel that she got an injection to keep the baby and she had Braxton hicks with many complications. 
The only people who knew about the pregnancies were Cynthia, Dan and her sister Rebekah, Cynthia’s sister.    Cynthia said that she went to a miscarriage hospital  and delivered the dead babies.  She said the Doctor said that one of the dead babies  had blonde hair and a Jewish nose.  Dan is not sure what is true and false in her stories, but he knows she was pregnant twice.  She did not have her period during the second pregnancy. 

After the abortion which took place on April 18, 2005, Cynthia was upset about losing her baby.  She rubbed her tummy and she missed the baby.   Dan and Cynthia felt bad about the abortion.  According to Cynthia,because of the chemicals from the abortion (RU486), Cynthia has  twins with a conjoined heart and the other one had  down syndrome.  These 4 kids had the names of Derek, Aidan, Hayden, and Dillian.    The miscarriage took place in October of 2005. 


One thought on “And the so called victim made a person with Autism think that she was having 4 children and named them

  1. This woman had 4 babies – all defective and died? Did she actually have these babies? A pregnancy hospital? Is there such a thing? It sounds like the relationship is dysfunctional. With all this going on why wouldn’t he try to get her to respond? And you’re right. It sounds like she was embarrassed and didn’t want people to think she had a”defective” boyfriend.

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